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Vitamin C - the natural aging fighter

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Do you remember when you were little maybe you heard or maybe your mom made you eat all those fruits like: oranges, or drink hot lemon tea? Especially during season changing, when the weather was not exactly stable? If yes then for sure you heard about vitamin C - that will keep you healthy and just won’t allow that nasty cold to get you :).

But have you heard that vitamin C is one of the most universal “fighters” with the most fearful skin concerns like aging, fine lines and wrinkles? 

While browsing among skin care shelves you must see many moisturizers, serums, even drinks containing vitamin C.

Why is it so popular? 

Well, believe it or not but this vitamin can really help with treating many of your biggest skin concerns.

Let’s get to the point. What are those benefits?

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, shielding our skin from those little, mean free radicals that are build with molecules, which speed up the aging of your skin, as well as cause its dryness and the worst - wrinkles (!). What’s important we have to keep in mind they surround us everywhere we go: oxygen, sun exposure, pollution - they’re literally all around. We can’t escape from them but we can definitely try and fight them with vitamin C.

Vitamin C takes part with collagen production. How? All thanks to ascorbic acid which helps to make you skin firmer, brighter and improves the visibility of the uneven skin tone. Basically your skin fixes by itself (yay!) and who doesn’t want to have nice, elastic and healthy skin.

Vitamin C reduces acne scars? Yes! And those inflames and irritations we experience sometimes? Yes, vitamin C has been proven to reduce all of those unwelcome damages.  Dermatologists claim that vitamin C can reduce sunburn and prevent consequences of sun exposure. Honestly, let’s face it how hard we try and how often we are reminded NOT to stay in the sun for too long, but well, it happens sometimes and we just forget (oops).

Let’s sum up: skin energizer, antioxidant, wrinkles reducer, younger look, so what’s the best way to give our skin that healthy boost? :) We have to remember that vitamin C is water-soluble, which means it is not accumulated by our body, so it’s important to take it daily to give our skin a regular doze.

Which Products to choose?

There are so many products on the market containing vitamin C that we can easily start using daily.

I recommend to have a look at Serums as a light and easy-to-apply product with the source of different vitamins. Serums are believed to be better than moisturizers, because of their effectiveness. Having a smaller molecular structure they can get to deeper parts of our skin and work fast and efficient. And the best part is that you normally need two to three drops of serum and that’s all!

Here are some examples of latest serums:

1. It’s skin vitamin C.

This vitamin C serum enriched with green tea extract makes your skin brighter, healthier and wrinkle free.


2. Mentholatum Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence.

The essence formulated to prevent acne marks, dark spots and any uneven skin tone you want to make disappear.

While using vitamin C products the most important thing is to be consistent . We have to remember to use it everyday, so our skin is always protected and sooner we see the amazing results. What I could suggest is to use vitamin C serum during your evening routine, as we know there’s nothing better than a beauty sleep combined with that energizing vitamin boost :). Also while applying serum in the morning don’t forget to put a sun screen afterwards.

And one more: first thing you do when you wake up? Just drink a full one glass of water with squeezed lemon juice.

You will see the effects “inside out”!

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